Obesity Treatment Options To Help Tackle Health Risks

Obesity Treatment According to reports from the National Institute of Health, around one in every three adults are overweight. Nearly two out of every five adults are clinically obese, and around one in every eleven adults is severely obese. Unfortunately, being overweight and struggling with obesity can have a severe impact on your health and well-being. It is vital to consider different obesity treatment options that can help you combat common health risks and achieve a healthy weight so you can take back control of your health.

How Obesity Impacts Your Health

There are several health risks associated with obesity. Being overweight can decrease the overall quality of your life and place you at a heightened risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. These include:

  • Strokes
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Cardiovascular death

In addition, those who struggle with obesity are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, lung disease, diabetes, and depression. Men and women may also experience reproductive problems.

Obesity Treatment Options

To help combat these and other risks to your health, it is important to explore the treatment options that are available to help you lose weight and live a healthier life. Some common options include:

Increasing Exercise and Physical Activity

Increasing the amount of exercise you participate in can help you lose weight. It is recommended that individuals exercise for around 150 minutes each week or 30 minutes a day every week.

Following a Healthy Diet

Eating a more nutritious diet can help you take control of your weight. This involves reducing the amount of sugary and salty products you consume. It can also help to reduce your intake of processed foods by opting for fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Using Medication

Medications are another exceptional way to help lose weight. Medications like semaglutide and tirzepatide have been shown to help individuals lose weight by curbing their appetite. Weight loss medications are typically recommended for individuals who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher or those with weight-related health problems who have a BMI of 27 or over. These medications are designed to aid individuals who are making positive changes in their lives to take control of their weight and health.

If you are interested in exploring available options, contact our professionals at BThere Healthcare.

Explore Treatment Options in Topsham, ME

Our team at BThere Healthcare offers a comprehensive weight wellness program via telehealth designed to help individuals lose weight by implementing daily nutrition plans that align with their long-term goals. Our 6-12 month comprehensive weight loss program is designed to target the brain and the cellular levels of the body to cause a metabolic reset. We guarantee that individuals who we work with will lose up to 15-20% of their total weight.

Our team can meet with you at our Topsham, ME, office to discuss your circumstances and develop the most effective plan to help you lose weight and regain your health. To get started, call our professionals at (207) 200-5907 to schedule an appointment.

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