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Welcome to BThere PrimeWellness Care, where we redefine healthcare with a unique blend of preventive and primary care designed to keep you at your healthiest. Our innovative approach ensures you not only receive the best treatment for existing conditions but also invest significantly in preventing illness before it starts

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BThere telemedicine enhances Technology. Using a convenient device paired with your smartphone; you can conduct multiple, clinically-accurate physical exams wherever and whenever you want.

Preventive-Proactive Care Concept

At BThere PrimeWellness Care, we believe in the power of proactive health management. Our approach is built on the fundamentals of preventive care, focusing on personalized care using cellular and peptide medicine. Our key pillars include:

  • Personalization of Care: We tailor healthcare plans to each individual’s unique biology, lifestyle, and health goals, ensuring the most effective and relevant treatments and interventions.
  • Cellular Medicine Approach: By addressing health at the cellular level, we target the root causes of diseases and enhance overall wellness through advanced cellular therapies and interventions.
  • Metabolic Health: We prioritize the optimization of metabolic functions through personalized nutrition and lifestyle modifications.
  • Cardiovascular Risk and Surveillance: Advanced diagnostic tools and imaging studies help us assess and mitigate cardiovascular risks.
  • Memory Wellness: Cognitive health is supported through targeted interventions, new memory testing, surveillance, and early detection programs.
  • Cancer Risk/Detection: We utilize cutting-edge genetic testing and screening to identify and address cancer risks early.

What Services Does BThere PrimeWellness Offer?

Through telemedicine and medical house call (only concierge medicine), you can access the following:

Yearly Surveillance and Cellular Medicine approach: We offer innovative diagnostic testing such as DEXA scans, VO2 max assessments, advanced cardiovascular imaging, comprehensive metabolic labs, and genetic screenings.

Cellular and peptide medicine plays a crucial role in our preventive strategies, addressing the root causes of diseases at a cellular level.

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Additionally, innovating counseling in the following areas:

Diet:  Personalized nutrition plans are tailored to yearly preventive surveillance testing and imaging results.

Exercise: We provide personalized exercise guidance, including aerobic efficiency, strength training, stability exercises, and dry sauna use for overall wellness, utilizing insights from cellular medicine.

Sleep: Quality sleep is crucial and can be achieved by creating an optimal sleep environment, avoiding blue light before bed, and maintaining regular sleep routines. Personalized sleep recommendations are tailored to ensure the best restorative rest based on individual health profiles.

New Primary Care Concept

At PrimeWellness Care, we have revolutionized our new primary care, in addition to our proactive approach, by integrating direct primary care with concierge medicine. We offer advanced remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) services tailored to patients with long-term health conditions.

Our innovative approach provides extended appointment times, enabling our healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive, personalized care beyond traditional primary care models. By leveraging remote monitoring devices, we can conduct telehealth assessments, allowing patients to receive ongoing care and support from the comfort of their own homes. Our proactive approach to care has positively impacted our patients, resulting in improved health outcomes and better management of chronic conditions.

The use of remote monitoring devices has allowed for timely detection of changes in health status, leading to early intervention and prevention of health complications. Additionally, our patients benefit from reduced appointment wait times and convenient scheduling options, contributing to a more seamless and improved overall healthcare experience.

It is currently available in Maine and Vermont, with other states available upon request. We are also excited to announce the upcoming opening of our new Wellness Center in Maine.

Join us at BThere PrimeWellness Care, where your health is our priority. Together, we can achieve optimal wellness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us at 207-200-5907

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