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A branch of the Bthere Healthcare Program provides high-quality medical services through compassionate care and advanced technology.

Welcome to BThere Healthcare, where we redefine geriatric care with innovative and holistic solutions. Our commitment is to provide the elderly with the care they truly deserve, blending an enhanced telemedicine platform seamlessly with personalized home calls for an unparalleled geriatric healthcare experience.

BThere’s Unique Approach

Introducing BThere Healthcare, a medical and geriatric care pioneer that seamlessly integrates an enhanced telemedicine platform with personalized on-site support. Our innovative approach brings high-quality care with a human touch, focusing on new chronic disease approaches, psychiatric illnesses, and dementia care.

Expertise Across Diverse Post Acute and Long Term Care Domains

Revolutionizing assisted living, post-acute, long-term, and memory care, BThere Healthcare is dedicated to compassionate and innovative care. Our focus extends to assisted living, geriatric care, psychiatric illnesses, and dementia, ensuring a more human touch in every aspect of our services.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

At BThere, we prioritize advanced technology, using artificial intelligence (AI) and remote patient monitoring devices to evaluate patients effectively. Our commitment is to leverage technology for the benefit of our elderly patients.

Comprehensive Geriatric Solutions

Our comprehensive geriatric solution, presented by BThere Healthcare, is tailored for Assisted Living, post-acute care, and long-term care facilities. We aim to enhance quality measures, ensure CMS compliance while improving polypharmacy, reduce unnecessary ED/hospitalization, enhance dementia care, manage chronic diseases effectively, treat psychiatric illness, and create a transitional care model.

Personalized Home Calls and On-Site Presence

BThere Healthcare provides a comprehensive healthcare solution incorporating a hybrid approach, including telehealth, onsite/home visits, and in-person consultations.

Our Services

Onsite and Telehealth Medical Services: 

Providing seamless access to medical consultations and care, whether face-to-face or through digital platforms.

Remote Patient Monitoring: 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to monitor health conditions in real-time, facilitating prompt and effective medical interventions.

Chronic Disease Management Program: 

Offering tailored strategies to manage chronic conditions, aiming to enhance quality of life and promote long-term wellness.

BThere Memory Wellness Platform: 

Leveraging advanced neurocognitive testing / AI to detect and monitor signs of cognitive decline early and follow closely further projection, ensuring a proactive approach to memory care.

App Functionality and Benefits

Discover Seamless Connectivity with the BThere Connect App (release soon)
The BThere Connect App revolutionizes communication between care facilities and medical staff, enabling 24/7 messaging and telehealth capabilities. This innovative tool ensures efficient collaboration and instant access to medical consultations, significantly enhancing the quality and responsiveness of care provided to patients.

E-Consult Platform Advantages, Advancing Patient Care Through Our E-Consult Platform

Emphasize the strategic advantages: Our cutting-edge e-consult platform connects you with a network of over 30 medical specialists, dramatically improving the standard of care while minimizing the logistical challenges of patient transportation. This platform is a game-changer, enabling swift, informed decision-making and ensuring superior patient outcomes with the added convenience of remote expert consultations

Non-Invasive Modalities 

To support cognitive and overall mental health, a comprehensive music therapy program should be incorporated, and other delirium and behavioral prevention measures should be implemented.

Medical Directorship Services for Institutions

Oversees the delivery of high-quality medical care, ensuring residents receive comprehensive clinical services, from preventive to palliative care. I also developed clinical protocols, managed medical staff, ensured regulatory compliance, and led quality improvement initiatives.

Hybrid Telehealth/Home Calls/In-Person Visits

BThere Healthcare provides a comprehensive healthcare solution that incorporates a hybrid approach, which includes telehealth, home visits, and in-person consultations

24/7 Telehealth Care

Experience continuous support with our 24/7 telehealth services, offering timely and convenient access to professional evaluations for acute visits or any changes in a patient’s status.

Expertise, Compassion, and Excellence

At BThere Healthcare, our board-certified geriatricians and NP experts are committed to delivering exceptional geriatric care with expertise, compassion, and excellence.

Let’s Get Started!

Getting started with BThere Healthcare is easy. Contact us at 207-200-5907 or fill out a form to schedule an initial onboarding call. Our services are covered by major insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, with the exception of the medical directorship stipend. Experience care without fees, and let us be there for you every step of the way.

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