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BThere Healthcare is creating a new concept of care that combines an enhanced telemedicine platform and house calls system for patients in the state of Maine, we see a need to improve the gap in access to care which takes days, weeks, and even months to see a provider.

For rural residents and busy families, BThere Healthcare makes it easier than ever before to access primary care services like annual exams, acute care visits, and mental health needs.

Our team has extensive training in diverse areas of health care, including geriatric care, mental wellness, and family medicine. They provide detailed evaluations during every remote or home visit while patients remain in the comfort of their homes or office.

*Telehealth coverage is currently only available in AL, AZ, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, ME, MI, NH, OK, OH, TN, TX, VT, WI, WV.
*House calls are currently only available to residents of Maine

Offering Personalized Care in the Following Areas:

  1. The Concierge Medicine approach allows us in-depth home-based medical care that provides a fundamental understanding of patients' needs without a rush service—specialized in primary care, acute care, mental health, preventive medicine, and chronic care management.
  2. A weight wellness program that targets your weight loss journey at the metabolic level, a local partnership with MedSpa, and local gyms to complement your weight loss goals.
  3. Geriatric Care / Memory Loss:  Cognitive assessments, memory enhancement programs, and nutritional support for brain health.
  4. Low Testosterone: Hormone replacement therapy with comprehensive hormone level assessments and lifestyle interventions.
  5. Peptide Therapy: Innovative peptide treatments to enhance body functionality or health concerns, such as weight managment, memory and mental health enhancement, hormonal imbalance, and peri-menopause, improve muscle injury and repair anti-aging, and customized based on individual needs.
  6. ADHD and Mental Health evaluations with new evidence-based medicine treatment

Our Benefits

  • Coverage in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma
  • House calls and in-person visits locally to patients in Maine
  • New personalized care
  • 40-minute appointments that allow for a deeper relationship with your provider
  • Same or next-day appointments for sick care guaranteed
  • Little to no wait times, whether in person or via telehealth for all your needs
  • Exceptional proactive and preventive care
  • 24/7 access to provider care and all our telemedicine platform services
  • High technology devices (Nonagon®/Lumen®) to facilitate our remote physical exams and monitoring.
  • Better Coordination and scheduling of specialists, labs, or Imagine referrals

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