A New Way to Screen for Dementia and Mental Health Using Speech and Voice: LANGaware

Transforming Dementia and Mental Health Screening with LANGaware & BThere Healthcare

In the realm of healthcare, the landscape is rapidly evolving, with technological advancements reshaping the way we diagnose and treat various conditions. BThere Healthcare, a pioneering healthcare provider, is forging a path toward a revolutionary approach to memory wellness through its collaboration with LANGaware, an innovative AI-driven disease detection platform. This groundbreaking partnership introduces a new era in dementia and mental health screening, leveraging the power of speech and voice analysis.

The Need for Advanced Cognitive Screening:

Dementia, especially prevalent among individuals over 65, affects millions across the USA. Recognizing the significance of early detection and specialized care for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, BThere Healthcare has embarked on an innovative journey with LANGaware to offer patients comprehensive evaluations and personalized strategies to manage cognitive health effectively.

The Power of LANGaware Technology:

At the core of this collaboration lies LANGaware’s cutting-edge technology, designed to conduct rapid, accurate, and non-invasive cognitive assessments using speech and voice analysis. This groundbreaking platform allows individuals to undergo a five-minute evaluation conveniently from their homes via computers, iPads, or phones. LANGaware’s AI-driven assessment offers an initial and precise evaluation compared to traditional cognitive tests.

Complementing Tools for Cognitive Health Assessment:

In addition to LANGaware’s innovative approach, BThere Healthcare harnesses BrainCheck technology, enhancing cognitive assessment capabilities. This validated platform assists providers in swiftly and accurately evaluating cognitive function through customizable assessment batteries and remote testing capabilities, further improving access to crucial cognitive care.

Early Detection and Comprehensive Assessment:

BThere Healthcare’s geriatric-trained team diligently tracks and identifies early signs of cognitive decline. The symptoms, ranging from memory decline to language and behavioral changes, are closely monitored, enabling personalized and timely interventions.

The Role of Genetic Testing in Alzheimer’s Risk Assessment:

Understanding the genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s, BThere Healthcare offers the Alzheimer’s Genetic Risk Test. This test evaluates over 100,000 genetic variations associated with Alzheimer’s disease, empowering individuals and their physicians to take proactive steps to mitigate risks and potentially delay symptom onset.

Accessibility and Pricing Models:

BThere Healthcare, committed to comprehensive care accessibility, accepts Medicare in Maine and offers cash options for various services, including initial memory evaluations, follow-up visits, and comprehensive memory wellness assessments. The Alzheimer’s Genetic Risk Test, while not covered by insurance, offers invaluable insights for those concerned about cognitive decline.

Empowering Healthcare Through AI-driven Diagnostics:

The collaboration between BThere Healthcare and LANGaware signifies a leap forward in healthcare, redefining how cognitive and mental health conditions are detected and managed. This partnership empowers both providers and patients, enabling early detection, personalized care, and improved overall well-being.


As technology continues to redefine healthcare, collaborations like the one between BThere Healthcare and LANGaware pave the way for a future where cognitive and mental health conditions are identified at their nascent stages. Through advanced AI diagnostics and comprehensive care models, this partnership heralds a new era in healthcare, fostering early intervention and improving outcomes for all.

Visit BThere Healthcare’s Memory Wellness Program page to learn more about their Memory Wellness Program and the innovative collaboration with LANGaware.

Together, BThere Healthcare and LANGaware are reimagining healthcare assessments, leading to more effective treatments, reduced healthcare burdens, and ultimately, enhanced well-being for all.

*Disclaimer: Prices and services may be subject to change. Please consult BThere Healthcare’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

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