The Importance of Geriatric Care Solutions

geriatric care solutions As we age, the frequency of our visits to healthcare professionals usually increases, and these visits may eventually become quite difficult. Through our providers at BThere Healthcare, individuals in need of geriatric care solutions may receive care that includes a comprehensive suite of solutions that range from memory wellness to remote patient monitoring. Let’s discuss some of the available solutions and how they may fit into your life or the lives of your family.

Memory Wellness Programs

Memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, but there are programs available that can assist in the prevention and diagnosis of various conditions like Alzheimer’s and various types of dementia. From memory decline to changes in language, there are signs that may indicate that there is something more impactful occurring than the normal aging process.

Geriatric Chronic Disease Management

Living with a chronic disease is easier with regular care, and geriatric chronic disease management can help primary medical professionals offer more consistent and frequent care. Chronic disease management can also ensure that discussions like transitional care assistance happen at the right time.

Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the dangers faced by the geriatric community is falling, and remote patient monitoring can help with fall detection, as well as the monitoring of other issues related to blood pressure, glucose levels, pulse oximetry, and weight.

Weight Wellness Programs

The impact of weight as we age can create significant impediments to mobility and overall health, and a weight wellness program may aid in losing 15 to 20 percent of one’s weight. A program of this type from BThere is designed as a comprehensive option for losing weight that lasts anywhere from six to 12 months.

Our Geriatric Care Solutions Can Help

There is no one right answer when it comes to geriatric care. With assistance from our team at BThere Healthcare, you or your loved ones can enjoy swift and easy access to a comprehensive range of essential services.

These comprehensive geriatric solutions can help ensure prompt access to healthcare professionals through telehealth, as well as continued modification of the care program to ensure treatment remains consistent with what the patient needs to thrive.

For more information about our geriatric care solutions, contact our healthcare professionals in Topsham, ME, by calling 207-200-5907.

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